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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the color palette generator?

ColorKit color palette generator allows you to quickly create a color scheme. Get started by clicking the generate button to find new colors or selecting shades of colors that harmonize with colors you pick. You can also check the color contrast of your palette or select the method which generates the palette. Need inspiration? Make sure to check out the best color palettes people have made on ColorKit.

How many colors should be in a color palette?

Create a color palette is essential to creating a strong design or brand. Typically color palettes are made up of 2 to 8 colors.

How do I get a color palette from a picture?

If you want to generate a color palette from a picture you can use our color palette from image tool. This tool will automatically grab dominate colors of your image and create a color palette. After importing a picture you can also bring it into our color palette editor.

How do I save a color palette?

After creating a color palette with our tool you can export the palette as an image. Additionally you can click save to share the palette with others. After a color palette is saved you can easily access the color palette hex codes and edit it in the future.