HTML Color Names

Here are all 140 HTML color names supported by modern browsers. Included are the hex values, names and preview for each color. If you click a color you’ll be able to get additional information including shades and tints of the color.

HTML standards allow you to use color names instead of hex code values.

background-color: blue;

For example the value blue is equivalent to the hex code value of #0000ff.

background-color: #0000ff;

To use them in your CSS simple use “color: NAME” syntax. For example “h1 {color: antiquewhite;}” would make all of your H1 tags antique white.

Now let’s dive into the full list of HTML color names.

These HTML color names work anywhere a hex color values would in your stylesheet. This includes ‘color’, ‘background-color’, ‘border-color’, and many more CSS attributes. So this list will help no matter if you’re trying to color your text on a page or background.

Looking for more colors? Try the ColorKit color picker to find shades and variations of any hex color.