Gradient Palette

Generate a color palette between two colors

Gradient Palette Inspiration

Here are the most popular gradient color palettes on ColorKit to inspire your next great design.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use the gradient palette generator?

ColorKit’s gradient palette generator allows you to select two colors and generating the colors between them gradually. This is helpful for finding multiple shades of colors between two colors. Included are also hex color codes to copy and paste to use in your designs. This tool also lets you open the gradient palette into a color palette editor. After finding a palette you like you can also click export to save it as a PNG or copy the URL to view the palette at anytime.

What is a gradient palette?

A gradient color palette is a color palette that slowly fades between two colors with a number of steps. For example if you had a gradient color palette going from yellow to red with 3 steps the middle color would be orange. A gradient color palette is a great starting point when making a color palette.

Get inspired with our collection of gradient color palettes.

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