What Colors Make Yellow?

A favorite of many people, yellow is one of the happiest and most vibrant colors that are used in painting and design. Bright yellow colors are thought to be among the most visible sections of the light spectrum because they are full of life and activity. It is important to learn about the colors that … Read more

What Colors Make Blue?

While every color is unique in its own way, there is something special about the blue hue. It is a color that attracts the eye, calms the brain, and makes it impossible for us to yank our gaze away from its tranquil beauty. This color has been proven to induce feelings of ease and calmness, … Read more

What Colors Make Red?

Red is a primary color, which means that you can combine it with other primary colors to create new hues like orange and purple, as you undoubtedly learned in school. If red is a primary color, what other colors can be combined to become red? In fact, can you even use other colors to produce red? We … Read more

What are Complementary Colors?

Complementary colors can create a striking visual effect when used in a design. When used together, complementary colors can make each other pop! These colors are placed on opposite sides when displayed on a color wheel. The Science Behind Complementary Colors The scientific explanation for why complementary colors have such a strong visual impact is … Read more

What is a Tetrad Color Scheme?

A tetrad color scheme is a four-color palette of two complementary pairs. When used in a design, it can add visual interest and vibrancy. Tetrad color schemes are also known as split complementary color schemes. The two complementary pairs in a tetrad color scheme are typically drawn from red and green, purple and yellow, and … Read more

What is a Triad Color Scheme? (Examples)

Selecting colors that complement each other can be challenging. No matter if it’s for graphic design or interior design knowing how to use triadic colors can be important for your design tool belt. With some knowledge about color theory, you can create a catchy triadic color scheme in no time. You will require a color … Read more

What is an Analogous Color Scheme?

Have you ever noticed the red, red-orange, and orange shades of the setting sun? Or the vibrant reds, yellows, oranges, and purples of autumn leaves? What is it that makes these hues so congruous and harmonious? Well, the answer lies in a concept known as ‘analogous color schemes‘ – schemes comprising colors that are next … Read more

What is a Monochromatic Color Scheme? 

The concept of monochromatic color schemes is one of the most popular –but also one of the most misunderstood concepts – in the world of color. In this post, we will explain what monochromatic color schemes are (and what they are not), and how you can use them to the best effect. What is a … Read more

What are Split-Complementary Colors?

A split complementary color scheme is one that has a base color and a couple of secondary colors. So, it is quite similar to the complementary color scheme but, instead of two colors, the split complementary scheme is made up of three hues. Getting a split complementary scheme requires you to pick a base color … Read more

Stunning Logo Color Schemes (and Color Combinations)

Coming up with a color scheme, palette, or combination for your business logo is no walk in the park.  Generally, companies would use their branding to determine the logo colors. However, in some instances, you might want to branch out and go for a different palette.  What makes brand color picking so hard is the … Read more