Stunning Logo Color Schemes (and Color Combinations)

Coming up with a color scheme, palette, or combination for your business logo is no walk in the park. 

Generally, companies would use their branding to determine the logo colors. However, in some instances, you might want to branch out and go for a different palette. 

What makes brand color picking so hard is the fact that not only do the palettes need to match, but they also need to evoke the right feelings, emotions, and ideas in the target audience. 

For this reason, this post will discuss a number of color schemes and combinations. The ideas in this post will help you understand the different palettes that complement each other and find some inspiration for your business logo. 

Stunning Logo Color Schemes (and Color Combinations):

1. Yellow-Gold and Purple

These are two highly-saturated colors, and will be quick to add some life and energy to any logo. In addition, this lively and unique color combo can be identified, recognized, and remembered by anyone who looks at it even once. 

Unsurprisingly, then, yellow-gold and purple are the colors used in the LA Lakers’ logo, symbolizing the team’s vibe and distinctiveness, while also portraying the movement and energy that surrounds basketball. 

2. Blue and Yellow

Yellow is definitely the king of attention-grabbing colors, which is why it is a part of so many logos, regardless of business or industry. If you do go for the blue and yellow combination, we recommend using the latter to create a youthful background, and blue for the actual logo. 

This color combination is confident yet playful, sending the message that the brand behind the logo is reliable and trustworthy. 

3. Green and Blue

Generally, green and blue are associated with calm and tranquility. However, a lime green and electric blue color can also portray youthfulness and exuberance. 

This bright color combination can fare well in creative industries like entertainment, media, and fashion. 

4. Orange and Black

The powerful black combines beautifully with the energetic orange, creating an aura of excitement and mystery. 

This color combination is best suited for industries that promise thrill and adventure, such as nightclubs, escape rooms, or extreme sports. 

5. Blue and Pink

While many cultures view these two colors as gender opposites, blue and pink do complement each other. The combination creates a balanced composition, as witnessed in the Baskin-Robbins logo. The palette communicates messages of trustworthiness, warmth, and dependability – from the blue text on the company’s customer service page to the pink spoons used for ice-cream sampling. 

Fun-fact: A closer look at the Baskin-Robbins logo will reveal the number 31 smartly concealed within the letters B and R. This 31 represents the number of flavors offered by the brand, each month. 

6. Peach and Maroon

The peach and plum combo is far from the commonest but can certainly add a bit of charm to your logo. 

We recommend considering this combination if you operate in the home décor, alternative medicine, or fashion industries. 

7. Yellow, Red, and Navy

If you are feeling bold – and want your customers to see your business in the same light – why not try out this trio of electric colors? The brightness of the red beautifully complements the regality of the navy and the cheerfulness of the yellow, emitting confidence and power. 

This combination can work well for a restaurant or an entertainment brand. 

8. Turquoise and Blue

Logo via 99designs

If you want people to see your brand as confident, trustworthy, and intelligent, you might want to give the blue and turquoise combination a shot. While the colors belong to the same family, they are different enough to produce a striking appearance. 

Bright colors, when used tastefully, can add a real spark to any design. 

9. White and Blue

The white and sky-blue combo is a definite fan favorite, triggering feelings of tranquility and calmness. This combination is quite versatile, and can be effectively used across a wide variety of industries – ranging from health to tech to nonprofit. 

Keep in mind that white is an actual color (and not just the absence of it) in the design world, and the negative space that it creates can be effectively used to direct the audience towards a vital design element. 

10. Black and Neon Green

While neon green reminds you of the 80s’ ski jackets, the shade also communicates vibrancy and vitality. Combining such a color with black helps to catch the audience’s attention and enables them to focus on your brand name. 

However, neon green can also evoke feelings of danger or threat, so make sure to consider that before choosing this shade for your brand logo. 

Neon is most suitable for brands with younger target audiences (such as Sprite and Spotify). 

11. Mustard Yellow and Brown

A vintage combination, mustard-yellow and brown is best suited for brands looking to give off a traditional and sophisticated vibe. 

The combo can complement artisanal services, as well as any cafes or restaurants with traditional atmospheres. 

12. Pale Yellow and Royal Blue

Royal blue is seen as one of the most ‘professional’ colors, and is great for businesses in the legal, finance, or technology industries. 

When combined with pale buttery yellow, it can create a sense of trustworthiness, history, and stability.

Final Word

To sum up, color psychology creates a huge impact on our conscious and subconscious brains.

Designing a branding color palette?
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Keep in mind that a brand’s logo tells its story, and the colors that you choose should effectively narrate that story while triggering positive emotions in – and resonating with – your target audience. 

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