What Are Pastel Colors?

Pastel colors are typically pale colors with a light hue and low saturation. The name originates from the pastel art medium which is known for its neutral hue and low saturation using powder pigment with a binder. Most people would call pastel colors soothing with their soft tones they are very easy for the eyes to take in.

You can think of pastel colors as a pale version of any color, meaning the color mixed with white. You can use our color shade generator to find lighter shades of a color. This is useful for finding lighter shades of your brand colors for that pastel vibe.

Pastel Color Palette Inspiration

ColorKit offers plenty of pastel color palettes to gather inspiration from. Here are some of our most popular pastel color palettes to use in your designs.

I hope this pastel color inspiration gives your next project a jump start! Looking for more pastel design inspiration? I’d recommend checking out dribbble.

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