Color Legend

Ocean Gradient#3
Purple->Violet Gradient
Light Green->White Gradient
Sky Blue-> Mint Green
Sky Blue-> Navy Blue Gradient
Mint Green->Sky Blue Gradient#2
Mint Green->Sky Blue Gradient
Blue->Black Gradient
Neon Blue->White Gradient
Dark Grey->Black Gradient
White->Light Grey Gradient
Ocean Gradient#2
Orange->Yellow Gradient
Cyan->Green Gradient
Halloween Gradient
Fuchsia->Neon Green Gradient
Sky Blue->Bubblegum Pink Gradient
Sky Blue->Dark Blue Gradient
Peach->Burnt Orange Gradient
Hot Pink->Cyan Gradient
Classic Baby Blue->White Gradient
Classic Cherry Red->Classic Off-White Gradient
Lavender->Teal Gradient
Lime Green->Electric Blue Gradient
Classic Pink->Classic Yellow Gradient
Peach->Yellow Gradient
Charcoal->Yellow Gradient
Blue->Pink Gradient
Royal Blue->Peach Gradient
Baby Blue->White Gradient
Cherry->Off-White Gradient
Lavender->Teal Gradient
Lime Green->Electric Blue Gradient
Red->Yellow Gradient
Charcoal->Yellow Gradient
Blue->Pink Gradient
Royal Blue->Peach Gradient
Light->Blue Gradient
Sunset Gradient#3
Sunset Gradient#2
Sunset Gradient
Soft Purple->Sky Blue Gradient
Mint Green->Neon Blue Gradient
Mint Green->Lime Green Gradient
Purple->Navy Blue Gradient
Mint Green->Ocean Blue Gradient
Yellow->White Gradient
Green->White Gradient
Maroon Red->Black Gradient
Red->Black Gradient
Neon->White Gradient
Gold->Red Gradient
Valentine Gradient->#2
Valentine Gradient
Red->Grey Gredient
Neon Blue->Violet Gradient
Purple-> Sky Blue Gradient
Mint Green-> Blue Gradient
Soft Purple->Blue Gradient
Soft Purple-> Soft Light Blue
Sky Blue->Grey Gradient
Soft Purple->Soft Green Gradient
Blue->Rose Red Gradient
Peach Pink->Yellow Gradient
Royal Blue->Royal Violet Gradient
Soft Yellow->Soft Green Gradient
Neon Light Blue->Royal Blue Gradient
Purple->Rose Pink Gradient
Midnight Rain->Gradient
Blue Sky->Gradient
Royal Purple->Royal Blue Gradient
Grey->Dark Grey Gradient
Orange->Yellow Gradient
Neon Pink->Silver Gradient
Neon Pink->Yellow Gradient
Green->Red Gradient
Rose Gradient
Navy Red->Grey Gradient
Red->Orange Gradient
Bright Orange Gradient
Orange->Blue Gradient
Orange->Green Gradient
Orange->Gold Gradient
Gold Gradient
Gold->Mint Green Gradient
Neon Green->Mint Green Gradient
Navy Blue->Navy Green Gradient
Green->Blue Gradient
Blue->Purple Gradient
Grey->Violet Gradient
Light->Dark Purple Gradient
Cyan Green->Purple Gradient
Glacier Gradient
Turquoise Gradient
White->Light Grey Gradient
Neon Blue->Sky Blue Gradient
Neon Green->Yellow Gradient
Metal Grey->Light Grey Gradient
Pink->Light Pink Gradient
Green->Mint Green Gradient
Fuchsia->Royal Gold Gradient
Royal Gold->Royal Fuchsia
Silver->Light Grey Gradient
Gold->Blue Gradient
Grey Gradient
Gold Gradient
Green Gradient
Orange->Purple Gradient
Sky Blue Gradient
Cyan Blue->Purple Gradient
Pink->Purple Gradient
Yellow->Fuchsia Pink Gradient
Ocean Green->Ocean Blue Gradient
Blue->Grey Gradient
Tropical Green Gradient
Blue->Green Gradient
Dark Blue->Dark Red Gradient
Blue->Orange/Sunrise Gradient
Purple->Black Gradient
Black->Dark Grey Gradient
Yellow->Light Purple Gradient
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