How To Choose The Right Color Palette for Your Brand?

Color is a quick and powerful way to deliver important information – and the strong and instant impact they make, makes color palette a crucial consideration for any business brand.  From the color of your logo to the theme of your website, your chosen color scheme will impact almost every one of your marketing assets. … Read more

Colors and Emotions: How do Colors Makes You Feel?

Have you ever noticed how you feel like wearing bright colors when happy? Or how a room painted in dark and muted color, like black and grey, makes you feel sad and depressed?  That’s because colors and your emotions are interconnected. Your mood can determine your choice of colors and vice versa. While this connection … Read more

What Are Pastel Colors?

Pastel colors are typically pale colors with a light hue and low saturation. The name originates from the pastel art medium which is known for its neutral hue and low saturation using powder pigment with a binder. Most people would call pastel colors soothing with their soft tones they are very easy for the eyes … Read more